Kapela Góralska Antoniego Gluzy

Kapela Góralska Antoniego Gluzy

from Szczyrk

The band has been operating since 1979. Its founder, the folk musician Antoni Gluza comes from Szczyrk. In the work, the band reaches the roots of folk music from Żywiec highlanders, drawing inspiration from ancient traditions. The amazing atmosphere of music is emphasized by archaic, authentic instruments: shepherd squeals, ocarina, trembita, horns, "heligonka" (kind of accordion), bagpipes, violin and highlander bass.

The band is one of the few members of the Folk Artists' Association. For years, he has participated in Polish and international folklore festivals. The band is a laureate, of National Festival of Polish Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz nad Wisłą, Festival of Folklore of Polish Highlanders in Żywiec, International Festival of Mountain Folklore in Zakopane. Participation in the above-mentioned events resulted in more than fifty awards. The team also has a medal for the culture of Bielsko District.