Koziana Anna

Koziana Anna

from Makowa Podhalański, born in 1933

One of the best-known and distinguished performers of the traditional Maków embroidery. She was born on July 26, 1933 in Maków Podhalański, where she lives at the top of Makowska Góra to the present day. Traditional techniques of embroidery and Podhale design grandmother and mother have taught her. Starting, she made embroidery according to ready-made designs. Then, due to high qualifications and the ability to communicate her knowledge, she became an instructor and for a dozen or so years she conducted embroidery courses. She is the author of many designs that delight with the subtlety of shapes and the precision of workmanship. Just as "white on white" she does the embroidery in different colors and on different backgrounds. Embroidery is decorated with bedding and so-called table: tablecloths, table runners and tablecloths.

From 1950 to 1984, she was associated with the Makowianka – Folk and Aristic Handcraft Collective, thanks to which the local tradition of decorating was greatly revived. She is a member of the Folk Artists' Association in Lublin. She successfully competes not only in rarely organized embroidery competitions, but also gains awards and distinctions for carol singers. From 1973, she presents her embroidery skills during events. She regularly visited Cepeliada in Warszawa, Kraków Days, the Polish Song Festival in Opole, and the Sea Days in Gdynia. She is a regular participant of fairs organized in Zakopane, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Kraków, Rabka, Żywiec, Wisła and of course Maków Podhalański. She also presented her works abroad – several times in Germany and Belgium, in England, Sweden, Luxembourg and Slovakia.

Anna Koziana was honored for her activity with, among others a badge for the Bielsko Province (1979), the Silver Cross of Merit (1983), a badge of the Minister of Culture and Art, a Distinguished Activist of Culture (1989), the Oskar Kolberg Award (1997), Gold Cross of Merit (1999).