”On the Trails of Tradition”

”On the Trails of Tradition”

In the second half of January 2018 a guide book "On the Trails of Tradition" was published with a mobile application for smartphones. This 168-page publication and application in three languages: Polish, Slovak and English are devoted to the following places: chambers, galleries, museums, laboratories, open-air museums connected with the cross-border Polish-Slovak cultural heritage.

When in 2005 we published the guide „Na szlakach tradycji / Po cestach tradícií” – you could read in the introduction – it turned out to be a great hit. After a dozen or so years, the subject is no longer new, many publications have appeared, book or internet of a similar character. However, we decided to take a chance and enter the same river one more time to see what changes appeared. It has changed indeed. Some of the places do not exist any more; others have evolved and are undertaking new tasks, implementing new projects; there are also some which did not exist at that time, and today they attract with very interesting offer. You – the reader – hold the effect in your hands. You can find it also on your smartphones.

Both the book and the application are addressed to the inhabitants of the Polish-Slovak borderland, including employees of partner institutions (Regionalny Ośrodek Kultury in Bielsko-Biała and Oravské kultúrne stredisko in Dolný Kubín), ethnographers, cultural animators, folk artists, folklore lovers and all interested.

Do you want to experience this community of memory? Enjoy the trails of tradition!