Bystra – The Regional Art Gallery and The Regional Chamber The Old Carpentry Workshop

Bystra – The Regional Art Gallery and The Regional Chamber The Old Carpentry Workshop

The Regional Art Gallery is located in the Rural Commune Culture Centre Promyk. It is small but full of excellent exhibits. There are works of the most prominent Beskidian (and not only) artists such as Józef Hulka, Kazimierz Pietraszko or Stanisław Kwaśny, Antoni Toborowicz, and Milan Mičienka from Slovakia. They also have the works of the young generation of artists from Wilkowice including Mateusz Gębala. We can see sculptures here in wood and stone and they are complemented by paper flowers, glass paintings, paintings, graphics, and embroideries. There are numerous workshops organized here e.g. in sculpting which accompany the project called “Pensive Christ in the art” organized by the Regional Culture Centre from Bielsko-Biała (2017). There was also an international stone-sculpting plein-air organized within the project called “Tradition without frontiers – Polish and Slovak co-operation in maintaining culture and tradition” (2015). Well arranged interior of the gallery and its works of art encourage visitors to some contemplation.

The Regional Chamber called Stara Stolarnia (the Old Carpentry Workshop) is located next to the gallery. All the exhibits collected here are donated by inhabitants just like in other establishments of this type. We can find old kitchen equipment, farming and household tools (e.g. a chaff cutter, a plough, a sleigh, a harness, a grain storing chest, a quern, wooden crockery, a spinning wheel and a loom). There are also elements of folk costumes such as a festal cane, “jakla” (a loose women’s blouse) and other exhibits such as antique pram and festal carriage.

When coming to Bystra you can not only visit the famous Fałatówka, where paintings and relics of Julian Fałat, the painter are exhibited you should also visit the gallery to see all the relics of the past and contemporary folk art.

Gminny Ośrodek Kultury Promyk – Galeria Sztuki Regionalnej i Izba Regionalna Stara Stolarnia
43-360 Bystra, ul. J. Fałata 2k
tel. (+48) 33 817 07 73